Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pregnancy Week 13

Week 13
Looking a little bumpy :)

Weight Gain:
+4lbs...time to get over the scale going up and just be happy I'm gaining weight for the little babe

Still super hot...and it's still in the 90s in Phoenix

Dreams! OMG they are so vivid and real it's crazy. As in, I had a dream  that I was The Chosen One--yes the Harry Potter, only I was still me--and I was in the final battle...andI couldn't say Expelliamous (what you do to disarm someone of their wand) and I kept saying Expell-ar-mous...and Voldemort almost got me, until I woke up. Lame. But true.

What Baby is up to:
The little babe's got finger prints!

And teeth are forming and you know how much I love that :D

Gender Predictions:
Still thinking boy...hopefully we'll find out right before Christmas!

Food aversions:
No aversions really anymore thank goodness

Food cravings:
Soft serve vanilla ice cream from McDs. It has to be from McDs and lucky for me there's one right down the street

Daddy is feeling:
Still doing great, he loved hearing the little babe's heart beat at our last appointment.

Fun moments this week:

Our appointment last week. It was so fun to hear the little babe's heart beat, beating away at a strong 171 bpm :D  If you promise not to laugh at me and my nervous self (I'm such a worrier and was stressed they wouldn't be able to find a heart beat and also don't mind the horrible angle--blame the videographer cough cough Cody), here's a quick video:

Also--my due date buddy announced on her blog that she was preggo. Go tell Sara over at Confessions of a Redheaded Mama congrats on baby #2!

Picking out gender specific nursery themes. I've got the boy narrowed down, but the girl is a little bit harder because there are so many routes you can go and they are all adorable!

Also researching baby gear. Is it too early to start registering? Because I'm dying to! Any favorite car seat/strollers, cribs, high chairs out there mama friends??

And lastly, adding a few more items to my maternity collection. I feel like it's the only thing I can officially buy since we don't know the gender yet. Any fun places you all like to buy maternity clothes?

Non-baby related: We watched Seasons 1-3 of The Big Bang Theory. OMG! It's hilarious and definitely brought out our inner-nerdiness.

Excited for:
Getting a bigger bump!

Feeling those first few flutters. I try really hard to pay attention when I'm laying in bed...nothing yet but hopefully soon.


Sara Holt said...

Mickey D's must do great from pregnant women! I crave their french fries and unfortunately I pass a McDonalds going to and from work so they get my business quite a bit haha

Jen said...

I don't see the video?!

Sara said...

I craved Whoppers, BIG TIME, when I was preggo. :-) Must be a fast food thing, haha.

P.S. You look adorable!

Whitney @ My Southern Comfort said...

I craved Chinese food with both my pregnancies. I think finding out the gender right before Christmas is an amazing gift! 171 is a really high heartbeat !! Cant wait to see the video :)

Allie @ Tales of a TwentySomething said...

I see the bump! and thanks for the video :) glad you and Baby A are doing well!

Brittaney said...

I remember my pregnancy dreams being absolutely crazy, and so vivid and real. I would have to ask Brian "did that really happen??" If he didn't already think his wife was a hormonal hot mess... That confirmed it.

Julie said...

I'm not pregnant but have crazy dreams all the time...hmm ;)

You're looking good Mama!

Wifessionals said...

SOOO skinny looking still (:

Loved watching the video. I was hoping you would talk so I could hear you in real life! I'll just have to wait for our blate...


Kim Orpin said...

Since nobody else has mentioned this yet, can I just say how awesome I think you are that your dream was a Harry Potter one?!

And you are looking great!

Greta said...

So exciting! One thing I would recommend as far as registering for a high chair...I wish I would have just done the $19 Ikea plastic adjustable high chair, that you can just push up to your table. The high chair will get REALLY sticky and nasty, and although ours has wipeable fabric it still gets yucky. Seriously, don't spend over a hundred for a "cute" high chair with pretty fabric on it...not practical! Also, make sure you get a diaper genie... and a diaper you don't always have to bring the huge diaper bag during quick outings. Hope this helps!

Stefani said...

Your little bump is so freaking cute! I remember hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time - so amazing.

As far as baby gear goes, we are in love with our Britax car seat and stroller. We got the B-Safe carseat and the B-Agile stroller - they're so easy to use and you can open/close the stroller with one hand! It's amazing and a lifesaver.

Also, I would definitely suggest getting a stroller/car seat combo so you can just transfer the sleeping baby in the car seat to the stroller. So much easier.

Callie Nicole said...

Aw, love the tiny little bump! And the video was fun to watch. :-) Gosh, that's a high heartbeat though - girl maybe? Can't wait to find out!

Kathleen said...

I love seeing a bit of a bump!! YAY for baby Austin! xoxo

Saimi said...

I'm super EXCITED for you!!! I too am expecting...Grandbabies that is! My DIL is pregnant with twin boys, like.... due soon!!!

Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!

Sara said...

Not sure how I missed this post but I love your bump picture. You still look skinny minny but I can totally see a cute little bump.

I got two cute maternity tops from Kohls on sale with a 30% coupon. I am hoping to really stock up on winter maternity clothes (all my old maternity clothes are spring/summer) on Black Friday. Hopefully there will be some good deals.

Kera said...

Ahh! Just stopped over to follow your blog since you were so nice to link up to the Super Sunday Sync and follow me...and I found out that you're expecting! Congrats! So exciting :) All these me baby fever for baby #2 {currently in the "trying" stage lol}. Your video is so cute, and that baby heartbeat rate is very good. When I was pregnant with my daughter she always was in the 160-170 range. Not saying you'll be having a girl or anything :)

Anyway! New follower here, GFC, Twitter, and FB. xo

Jess said...

I originally saw your post on Sippy Cups and Pearls :)I loved your pictures for announcing your baby, SO CUTE! Congrats! :)